Homemade almond milk (no sugar, no additives, gluten-free, vegan, raw, paleo)

I know lots of people do this (maybe you’re one of them?) but I hadn’t made the jump yet! I finally decided to give it a try: I made my own almond milk! I’m not sure why we always think that making our own food is so complicated, because it’s not! :)

The funny thing is I’m not big on kitchen gadgets, and my blender has been broken for years, sooooo I usually just use my hand-held immersion blender for everything that needs to be blended. I also have a mini food processor that I use to make Powerballs and hummus.

So, I put my almonds in spring water to soak for about 15 hours (I rinsed them and changed the water after 10 hours). Then I realized that I didn’t have a (functioning) blender! hahaha So, I used what I had. Well, I got it in the end, but let me save you the trouble of going through what I did: I highly recommend using a blender (or even better, a Vitamix!), because what I did was kinda messy. ha!

First, I put my soaked almonds in my mini food processor with a little bit of water, and I pulsed until it was fairly smooth (water was seeping everywhere around! lol), then I transferred to a large/deep bowl and added the rest of the water and I finished grinding everything with my hand-held immersion blender. Then I used a sieve covered with a clean cheese cloth to catch the milk in a large bowl underneath. I kept the pulp, dried it out and used it in pancakes, no waste.

This will be a lot easier if you have a blender (recipe below).

I am going to get my blender fixed and definitely going to keep making this instead of buying pre-made rice milk. This is very easy and even healthier!

Do you/have you made your nut milk? Any tips to share?

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Homemade Almond Milk makes approx. 4-5 cups

  • 1 cup raw unsalted organic almonds, soaked in spring or filtered water for 10-15 hours (ideally, change the water after a few hours)
  • 4-5 cups of fresh spring or filtered water
  • 2-3 organic dates (optional)

In a blender, simply put the soaked almonds and spring water, and blend until very smooth, then strain through a cheese cloth (or a mylk bag — that’s what they call it). If you want, you can also add a few dates in the blender to add a bit of sweetness to the milk, and even some vanilla extract. I made mine plain and it was delicious. I’ve used it in muffins and pancakes, and drank some straight with cookies. Yum!

Don’t throw the almond pulp out! You can dry it and use it as a flour replacement in recipes, like in muffins or pancakes.

Keep in the fridge for 3-5 days.






  1. says

    I keep meaning to try this but I have a suspicion that it’ll actually end up being more expensive than just buying almond milk from the store? What do you think? I’m sure it’s much healthier for you though!

    • says

      Definitely healthier since most vegan milks, like rice, almond, soy, etc. always contain additives and sugar. The brand I’ve been buying for many years is luckily one of the cleanest on the market (they use agave syrup instead of sugar, and only a few ingredients, no synthetic vitamins added), but nothing is healthier than fresh whole organic foods.
      Also, I used soaked almonds which are more nutritious than dry. I haven’t calculated how much this might cost me, but considering I bought a big bag of raw organic almonds for about $21, and this only used 1 cup, I’d say it’s also cheaper. Most almond milk at the store is around $4-5 I think.

  2. Kaycee says

    I finally made my almond milk. Very, very delicious! And very easy too. When you say you dried out the pulp, did you spread it on a cookie sheet and just wait, or did you dry slowly in the oven? Thanks.

  3. Gaddemon says

    I make this recipe all the time, I really like it. I use 1 cup almonds and 3 cups water and I also put in 1-2 dates and a little bit of cinnamon or vanilla. After it’s done I make energy bites from the pulp. :)


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