Did I mention I love Jamie Oliver?

haha You probably remember that I have a soft spot for Jamie Oliver and what he stands for. I talked about it here and here, and probably in other posts too.

I have always liked his simple way of cooking, no pretentious manner, and of course, the dashing English accent doesn’t hurt, right?! But in the recent years, I’ve loved him even more while watching his show “Jamie at Home” where I found out about his beautiful vegetable garden, his love for organic produce and grass-fed and local meats. Somehow he managed to kick it up a notch when I heard about his Food Revolution that he did in the United States. I mean, this was new stuff that hadn’t been done before. Although it didn’t go as well as he had hoped, one thing for sure is that he raised awareness in some people who simply had no idea about the gross food that was/is being fed to kids in school. Whether or not this was a success according to ratings and show popularity, I am so very grateful that he did it.

I also watch his cooking shows whenever I get a chance, and was delighted recently (like 4-5 months ago) when I saw a new show/concept from Jamie to give easy tips to people to help them eat better and save money at the same time. It’s called Save With Jamie and the motto is “Shop smart. Cook clever. Waste less.”, what’s not to like about it? It’s basically encouraging people to cook again, from scratch, and not be afraid of being in the kitchen, and being clever about how they spend their money. Although I will say one thing that bugs me a bit… the white instant rice! hahahaha I’m guessing Uncle Ben’s must be one of the show’s sponsors, but I get a shiver down my spine every time! Don’t eat white rice people! It’s just bad all around! ;)

Anyway, back to my favourite chef: Jamie Oliver.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I happened to be on Twitter and saw a tweet from Jamie’s personal account giving a super easy pancake recipe, I replied to it, knowing that thousands of other people have replied as well. But, a few minutes later, I saw that he had favourited my reply!!! I know. I know. You’re thinking: “Calm down ECP. He probably does that often.” But I looked at a bunch of other replies, and theirs weren’t favourited! Anyway, I know, it’s just a small thing, but it sure made my day! I then sent a tweet to @jamieoliver as well as his business Twitter account (www.jamieoliver.com) mentioning it, and the next morning when I woke-up, I saw that @jamieolivercom is now following me! I said thank you and someone from the office said that they love my blog! Maybe they were just being nice, maybe someone from there really enjoys reading my blog, I don’t know, but either way, it made my week. I admire and respect Jamie Oliver so much for all the work he has done and is still doing to teach people about cooking and eating better foods, it is a small gesture but an honour for me, and I wanted to share this little experience with you guys!

And if Mr Jamie Oliver himself or someone from his company reads this, well, a big thank you! :)

If you get a chance to watch his latest show, check it out, it’s only 5 or 6 episodes, It’s called Saving with Jamie. <3

I've never met Jamie, so, obviously this picture isn't mine. ;)

I’ve never met Jamie, so, obviously this picture isn’t mine. ;)


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    So exciting! I’m a big fan as well. More celebrity chefs should use their fame to promote healthy, organic, REAL food like Jamie Oliver does.

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    Hello! I just found your blog via another and I’m so glad I did! I immediately clicked on this post when I saw the title because I’m a Jamie Oliver groupie too! I’ve bought nearly all of his books from way back when he first started appearing on UK TV. He’s a cool guy! Anyway, so glad you’re happier now than you were in your not-so-fun job. Will look forward to coming back here again to visit soon! :-)

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